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 Underage Drinking questionnaire

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i really have no idea what this game is lol:
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PostSubject: Underage Drinking questionnaire   Underage Drinking questionnaire I_icon_minitimeSun Nov 28, 2010 12:51 pm

Would some of you guys be able to fill in this questionnaire for my LLW coursework??

1) How old are you?

12 13 14 15 16 17

2) Have you ever drank alcohol (excluding sips)

Yes No (skip to question 6)

3) How old were you when you began drinking?

_________________Years old

4) Do you drink on a regular basis?

Yes Once a week
Yes Once a month
Yes Less than once a month

5) Have you ever been in trouble for drinking? With which of the following? (Tick ALL the boxes that apply)
Other family members
Others (Pleases specify__________________)

6) Has anyone ever offered you alcohol? If so, who?
No one has ever offered me alcohol

Other relatives
Other (Please specify_______________________)

7) Most people my age who drink do so because… (Tick all that apply)

They want to have a good time at a party
They are sad or depressed and want to feel better about themselves
They wish to rebel and defy their parents, teachers and other adult authorities
They wish to fit in or be accepted by their friends or peers
They are bored

Cool Are you aware of the legal age at which a younger person can drink? (If so please state what it is)

Yes…. it is _________years old

No I don’t know

9) Do you think alcohol use by underage drinking is a...

Serious problem
Minor Problem
Not a problem

10) Do you think underage drinking could decrease life expectancy?

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Underage Drinking questionnaire
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