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 unrequited love poem

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PostSubject: unrequited love poem    Wed Sep 01, 2010 3:11 am

I never knew beauty until I first laid my eyes upon you
I never seemed to get your out of my mind no matter what I tried to do

I wish I could be in your least have a small part
But all I can hope is just to have a special place inside of your heart

But your beauty can't wipe away my tears
It's your love that can...but I haven't been able to find that even though I've searched for years

I guess my thoughts of us were just only a myth..
I'm sorry I wasn't the guy you wanted your dream life with
I'm sorry I acted like a fool, even from the start
I'm sorry I never could find the way to your heart

This is probally the hardest pain I've gone ever gone through
Day after day I can only find myself wondering if I'll ever be with somebody as beautiful as you

Sometimes I just wish I could dream with you and never let it end
Because I'm afraid I won't ever meet anybody as special as you again

Sometimes I wish I could be everything you've ever dreamed of so we could be together
And that's probally going to be my only wish to God, forever

I'm sure that whatever happens, I won't ever change my feelings about you
And even though I've tried and seems like you won't ever too

Though I try to do everything I can I only find myself without you and lonely
Despite everything...I still believe we could of had a wonderful life if only you had desired me..
if only...

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PostSubject: Re: unrequited love poem    Wed Sep 01, 2010 4:00 am

dis iz rely swet bbe
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PostSubject: Re: unrequited love poem    Fri Sep 03, 2010 11:18 am

The night -Blooming flower reminds me beautify my life tonight.
Dear friends,i must say good-bye to you now because i want to be a hermit for a moment.No matter what you might say in making fun of me,i have decided to return to the isolated hut in my mind to contemplate my past actions.ln the black darkness of night,i am not embarrassed by my repentant tears.
l have wasted so many evenings watching films or idling away my time with my friends in ice cream or coffee lounges.lf only i had spent part of my idle hours in study or work,my life would be more beautiful and my family much happier.
My younger brothers could have stopped rummaging through rubbish bins for plastic bags or scraps of paper.My sisters could have stopped standing in the streets,waiting to sell themselves cheaply.
ln the dark,the flower of my life starts blooming as i know how to overcome myself.
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PostSubject: Re: unrequited love poem    

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unrequited love poem
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